Cycling Track is made up of a wide range of disciplines whose variety makes the sport one of the most complex to time. Specific timing methods used depend on the event.   

Events such as the sprint qualification, individual and team pursuits, time trials, and the team sprint require devices that deliver precision of 1/1000th of a second as riders cross the lines. Active sensors are integrated over the entire width of the start, finish, and pursuit lines. Signals are sent to the timing system by these sensors each time a wheel passes over one of the lines.

Keirin, sprint, points race and Madison events, on the other hand, use photofinish technology to indisputably establish the finishing order. This technology is also used to verify points allocation in Madison and points races.

Swiss Timing and Cycling Track

Swiss Timing, working with sister brands Tissot and OMEGA, has long been a key partner of cycling’s governing body, the UCI, and is actively committed to the development of new timing systems for this exciting sport, including purpose-built timing devices and customized data handling solutions.  

The rider is held at the start line with a gate that uses brake pads similar to those found on a street bicycle. One Swiss Timing innovation - certified by the UCI - automates the entire process, beginning with a 50-second countdown displayed on a Tracker device located in front of the riders. When the countdown reaches "0", hydraulics release the rider and the timing starts. The countdown display then shows the rider "laps to go". In the case of pursuit races, red and green lamps on the display illuminate as each rider crosses the finish line.

Swiss Timing technicians provide transponders to officials, who distribute them during the rider confirmation meeting. Each team fixes the transponders on of its own riders’ bike for every event. The data collected from these enhances and speeds up the delivery of detailed race statistics and provides additional certainty to the timing. In case of any race disputes, the transponders can be used as support tools that help officials take their decisions.

The technology is completely connected to and integrated with a high-performance IT system, which is at the heart of processing and progressing the data for major competitions.

Scope of Swiss Timing services  

The nature of the different Cycling Track disciplines means that the services provided by Swiss Timing have to be adapted to the specific needs of each of the events. For detailed information about Swiss Timing services in support of this sport, click on the links below.


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