Commentator Information System

Our comprehensive database for the media

The Commentator Information System (CIS) is a database used by journalists and the media prior to, during, and after competitions. CIS contains the official results and information provided by Swiss Timing and its sister brands along with supplemental information from a variety of sources.

CIS can be displayed on a PC screen using a keyboard or touchscreen, or on teletext monitors fitted with a keypad. The information can also be broadcast using a wireless network and custom client software.

Broadcast journalists use CIS to interpret, enhance, and/or comment on a given competition during the event, in real time. Thus viewers who follow a competition on television often have more information than those in attendance at the venue. This experience enhancement for the broadcast audience contributes to the enormous popularity of sport on television.

Journalists also make use of CIS to add intermediate times, athlete biographies and career performance records, competition start lists, results for qualifying heats and medal round competitions, individual and team rankings, and medal counts. Swiss Timing ensures that these media professionals have the information they need the second it’s available.