Virtual Graphics

Enhancing the viewing experience

The size of the viewing audiences for televised sporting events is mind-boggling. For example, in 2008, more than 70 percent of the world’s population tuned into some part of the Beijing Olympic Games. A part of the attraction is, of course, the brilliance of the featured competitors but the variety and quality of virtual graphics have enhanced the spectator and viewer experience, making the competitions even more compelling.

Even better on TV  
Swiss Timing’s tvVIS has become a quality standard for sports broadcasts, providing a range of refined virtual television services. Virtual graphics adapted specifically to the needs of athletics, swimming, rowing, sailing, and other sports allow a broad array of information to be provided on-screen.

Supporting the production team
Attractive animations ensure high-quality broadcasts and provide room for editorial input. The content of virtual graphics can be modified quickly and easily. In order to support a director’s vision, database information and live data can be implemented into the broadcast. Even in stressful situations, tvVIS provides ample flexibility to the operator. Furthermore, the system is capable of processing data offline for detailed post-production analysis.