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Our download section contains files and information that can be used to update Swiss Timing products. The files and information provided here are not for sale. They cannot be used independently of associated Swiss Timing products, which may be purchased separately from Swiss Timing.
Please note that some software requires a link and/or password to be emailed to you to complete the download. If you do not find the update that you need, please contact our Customer Service Team to confirm your entitlement.
Please check for a readme.txt for the latest information and advice before installing any updates.
Compressed files (.zip or .7z extension) require 7-zip or a similar utility to decompress the files before they can be used.
Some documents are in portable document format (.pdf) or winword (.doc) format, and require a third party viewer to read them. 

AQUATIC: Diving-Synchro-Swimming 
Quantum AQ (download)
MTE USBConfig (download)
OMEGA MTE DIVING 422 (download)
Synchro Scoring Manager - V. 4.32 (download)
Synchro Scoring Manager 4.34 (download)

BSS2013 - Software Manual (download)
WINBPM V. (download)
WSB Quick Info Scoring System (download)
WSB Checklist Scoring System (download)

Quantum CT V. 4.1.11(download)

StartTime IV - V. 099 (download)
StartTime V - Firmware update TFTP (download)
StartTime V - Firmware update - Update & manual (download)

OSV-STAR - V. full version (download)
OSV-STAR - V. update (download)
INT131 (download)