The service that gave us our name

There’s no question that timekeeping is one of the key components contributing to the excitement of a sporting competition. Without the ability to measure times and distances that separate a winner from the runners-up, competition as we know it would be impossible. Without timing, there would be no world or Olympic records.

Swiss Timing has unparalleled experience in sports timekeeping. We are committed to the art of measuring times with precision and reliability using the technologies we have developed to meet the most exacting of standards in every sport.

The technologies we have developed or adapted to time the world’s favourite sporting events include some of our industry’s truly iconic devices:

  • The electronic start system
  • Starting blocks and false start detection systems
  • Scan’O’Vision photofinish cameras
  • Photoelectric cell technology
  • Transponders
  • Wind measurement technology
  • The Quantum Timer and the Quantum Aquatic Timer
  • Swimming pool touch pads

At the world’s leading international sporting competitions, no one knows who will be standing on the medal podium but one thing is certain: their winning – and often record-breaking – results have been timed, measured, recorded, and distributed by Swiss Timing and its partner brands.