For clients who can’t be at the venue but don’t want to miss out on the action

Our web-based commentator information system (CIS) allows us to serve clients outside the stadium. Data transfer via the internet means that with Swiss Timing’s dedicated software, a terminal can be set up anywhere in the world. These clients will receive exactly the same information as their counterparts at the venue with a maximum delay of five to ten seconds.

The web-based CIS delivers detailed event schedules, start and results lists for every discipline, data on current competitions, and detailed information about each sport as well as flash interviews and spontaneous quotes from the athletes.

When a user has been granted the rights to the web-based CIS by Swiss Timing, the client simply has to log in to the system to receive in-depth event information from four hours prior to the start of an event to 12 hours following its completion.

The web-based CIS is compatible with Windows operating systems and the user simply requires direct Internet access to stay up-to-date on everything happening at the sporting event.