Live Timing & Scoring

keeping audiences engaged and informed

Live internet results have, in a relatively short time, become a very popular source of information for people who want to be informed about their favourite athletes or an important sporting event. It’s easy to understand why: live timing and scoring achieve impressive coverage with relatively little up-front effort and investment on the part of clients. Swiss Timing research has shown that a visitor spends more time on a website when live results are being communicated, thus strengthening the connection between the visitor and the owner of the website.

Swiss Timing receives data from the results system in real time and via an online interface, and provides a cost-efficient server platform that positions these results on your website exactly as you would like them to appear.

We always propose live timing and scoring services that best meet the needs of our clients. If you would like to discuss how Swiss Timing would optimize these live results for you, please take the chance to speak to a Swiss Timing specialist.