Car racing

Motor sports are among the most technologically sophisticated of all competitions. The incredible speeds and ever-improving performance of the cars means that the demands on timekeepers are particularly great. Swiss Timing’s sister companies, Certina and Blancpain, had partnerships with some of the world’s leading motor sport events. Through these long lasting collaborations, Swiss Timing gained such significant experience and knowledge  that our timekeeping capabilities are more than equal to the demands of these high-speed sports and presently Swiss Timing delivers services for three major series: SRO GT, ADAC and DTM.

Swiss Timing and Car Racing Sports

Among Swiss Timing’s most important technological contributions used in the racing circuit are the transponders (some of them with driver identification) mounted on each competing car. Measurements are taken at two intermediate points along a track and at the finish line (the so-called time and speed trap), and information is communicated instantly to our computers. Swiss Timing also calculates the time and speed with which a car enters and exits the pit for tire or driver changes and servicing.

At the finish line, technicians install electronic photocells as a backup system, and a second backup is provided by high-speed video cameras. These innovative cameras continue to record all the action even when a sequence is being reviewed onscreen.

Swiss Timing is on hand for each session of an event, from the free practice and pre-qualifying sessions to the qualifying rounds and actual race.

Scope of Service  

While the services Swiss Timing provides to some of the world’s leading automobile races varies depending on the nature of a specific event, most of the same technology as used at every motor sport competition. For more information about any of them, click on the links below: