Adding to the thrill of every competition

The display of results and other important information at any venue is a critical part of a competitive sporting event. In timed competitions, including track, swimming, and cycling, finishers can be so tightly grouped that it is impossible to recognize the winner with the naked eye. Heads – including those of the athletes – immediately turn to the scoreboards not only to see the finishing order but also to learn whether any records have been broken or personal bests achieved.

Swiss Timing’s three- and two-sided scoreboards situated along a race course and at the finish line respectively are operated by innovative software that enables them to display text, pictures, and live information, as well as animation and videos. With their high resolution and 16 million colour options, the scoreboards inform spectators both in the stadium and at home.

The name, results, and national flag of each winner can be boldly displayed, adding to the excitement of the event. Swiss Timing also adapts sport- and event-specific displays to meet the needs of the events it serves.