Analysis Tools

Dynamic analysis tools: enhancing sport commentary

Swiss Timing creates two- and three-dimensional tools that allow broadcasters and other sporting experts to draw directly onto a touch screen, reinforcing their commentary in real time.  

tvPAINT is an interactive analysis tool that adds impressive dynamics to any broadcast before, during, or after a sporting event. Key actions or situations can be explained to viewers by drawing directly on TV images. Flexible, intuitive user interfaces include a range of options adapted to a broadcaster’s unique identity. The high-end touch screen technology is available directly on the commentator desk for easy use.

tvPAINT in 3D, which is based on vizRT technology, is also a highlight of any broadcast. It starts impressively with a virtual three-dimensional flight over a stadium and finishes with a team line-up, also in 3D. Each player is animated and can be moved as desired, so field formations and tactics can be illustrated with great effect. The control panel is accessible from all four sides of a touch screen and can be used by several commentators simultaneously.

tvPAINT2Go is an analysis tool installed in a notebook or tablet PC and can be used by coaches on the field of play during a competition – an ideal way to illustrate a scenario or analyse a tactic in real time.

Swiss Timing has also adapted a special version of tvPAINT for soccer. tvSOCCER is a powerful tool ideal for pre- and post-event reporting as well as half-time analysis. Entire match sequences are quickly and efficiently transformed into animated 3D images, allowing viewers to feel like they are part of the game when commentators present vivid analyses supported by an impressive analysis tool.