Beach volley

Legend has it that beach volleyball was first played in 1915. According to the story, a man named George David Center invited his friends to play beach on the sands of Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. In the century following that first casual six-on-six competition, beach volleyball has changed dramatically and now boasts an enormous fan base. Swiss Timing and its sister brand, Swatch, work closely with the International Volleyball Federation to ensure that each sanctioned competition is faultlessly scored.

Swiss Timing and Beach Volleyball

These days beach volleyball is played by two teams of two players, each on a 16-metre by 8-metre rectangular sand court divided by a net.  

Swiss Timing’s most conspicuous presence at beach volleyball events consists of two public scoreboards that display detailed competition results. The FIVB provides updated player information to ensure that athlete details are in the database. Scoreboards are positioned to ensure that spectators and the media can see them easily.

For timing and scoring, the Swiss Timing team is equipped with a scoring console, scoreboard control computer, a data entry unit, time-out call button system, speed display board, two speed guns, and a speed console.

On the Swiss Timing technical table are timing and scoring consoles, scoreboard computers, the data entry units, the video character generators, the results system computers, and a speed console.

The statistics control table is located directly alongside the court and the timing room is positioned overlooking the court or, in some cases, on the control table.   

Scope of Service  

For the exciting sport of beach volleyball, Swiss Timing provides services that ensure flawlessly tracked scoring and instant distribution of information to spectators at the venue and to viewers watching at home. Below is a list of the services offered by Swiss Timing in support of beach volleyball. For additional information, click on any of these links: 

Services for Beach Volleyball