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Computer Vision Trainee

Full Time

Job description

Information Technology in general and AI in particular is a major game changer and enabler of state-of-the-art solutions for future timekeeping services. Computer vision is reshaping the boundaries of what is possible in term of understanding sport performance analysis and judging. As such, investing in this technology is part of Swiss Timing innovation strategy and considered a key activity.

During this internship, you will be responsible to explore the possible applications of computer vision in key sports and make appropriate recommendations. You will have to identify sport-specific key performance indexes impacting performance and to consider sport specific operational constraints. You would finally implement a proof-of-concept solution to quantify and measure impact on sport performance incl. training of an AI model.

Furthermore, we expect you to make recommendations for needed system upgrades taking Swiss Timing’s existing CV systems currently in use as a baseline. You will be in charge to develop real-time, automated, robust and accurate solutions, which run on Microsoft technology stack (edge and/or cloud). When needed, you will conduct data acquisition and testing activities in the field.


Passionate about sports and new technologies, you have knowledge in computer vision, image processing, machine/deep learning algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Creative and focused on innovation, you are solutions oriented and team player. 

Professional requirements

  • Ongoing Master’s degree in computer science or data science
  • Passionate about sports and new technologies


  • Fluent in English
  • Any other language would be an advantage


2606 Corgemont, Switzerland


Madame Patricia Spozio

Human Resources Manager