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Internet Solutions

Internet solutions

Media and consumers are increasingly requesting in-depth live information combined with intuitive navigation in high quality. In order to even exceed these expectations, our support already starts during the planning phase culminating in a perfect Internet presence.
Our portfolio includes design, live data service as well as hosting and database management. All modules are customizable in accordance with your individual needs, and our competent support team is available for assistance you may need throughout the entire event. If you want to stand out from the crowd, rely on SWISS TIMING´s Internet and Intranet solutions.



Each sport or project has its own profile and deserves the conclusive implementation of their particularities.
Our focus is being put on the programming of transmission, integration and converting solutions. One of our crucial success factors in updating and maintaining large results databases even in real-time production environments is the use of modular, fine-tuned technology.
Websites we develop are usually based on database-supported content management systems making them suitable for the processing of variable data amounts. In addition, a Content Management System (CMS) makes it possible to implement individual features such as news, download or calendar in the website.



Our creative and innovative team develops the design based on your requirements - regardless if you need an extravagant or a mass-market solution. If you have your own draft, we provide the technical features and implement the solution using the desired CMS. Your current website needs a new layout or additional features? Let´s start freshing it up! You do not have a website at all? We help you defining the basic requirements and present you a tailor-made solution.

Design features include graphical effects such as animations, 2D and 3D objects up to the integration of flash elements, audio and video sources and the presentation of partner and sponsor logos. Whatever your selection will be - latest technology ensures concise layout and user-friendly navigation.


The ever increasing amount of data to be processed and an expanding global networking require a server farm that can even handle the large amount of data produced in major sport events with 100% reliability.

SWISS TIMING´s protected and air-conditioned computer centre features scalable server units on different platforms offering highest-possible production safety and redundancy. Load balancers ensure that each user can access the requested page in the blink of an eye. This high-end standard makes it possible for us to provide not only web and database services, but also live streaming at a constantly high quality even with high access rates.

Database management


Statistics of any type have always been an important part of our culture. Otherwise, incredible performances such the one of Jesse Owens being the first Track and Field athlete winning four Olympic Gold medals in 1936. By the way, the timing in the running disciplines was done using one out of 185 OMEGA stop watches.
Nowadays, the availability of data is by far not limited to final results or figures with global importance. Statistics are available at an extremely detailed level and have therefore gained tremendous importance as an information source. Using intuitive database interfaces, SWISS TIMING has paved the way to present large amounts of data in a user-friendly and intuitive manner.

Live results

Maximum coverage combined with little efforts, amplified presence boosting the popularity, increasing session lengths strengthening the ties to customers - all of these goals can be easily reached with live Internet results.
We receive data from the results system using an online interface, provide a cost-efficient server platform and implement the results as desired in your website. Click here for examples of our live results services.