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Games Management

Integrated management solution

Sub systems

Athletes´ performances in the centre of everyone´s attention are the key factor for successful sport event management, while planning, staffing and technology should not distract from this focus.
The SWISS TIMING Games Management System is a comprehensive, yet efficient and cost-saving solution creating the logical connection between all aspects of games and event management.

Our integrated solution uses state-of-the-art client-server technology. Clients are connected to central servers making individual information available to event managers of the organizing committee and speeding up management processes and decisions.

Along with the coordination of complex activities, a considerable amount of data has to be recorded and processed for major sport events. Starting with the event preparation, different groups of people need to be registered and accredited. During the event, media and interested people await results to be provided in the shortest possible time, generating requirements only to be satisfied by the latest information technologies. A computer-based, integrated games information system has therefore become an essential factor for any successful international sport event.

Registration, accreditation and sport entries sub system

Accreditation management

Pre-defined web forms for each type of registration such as International Federations, athletes, volunteers and media ease the gathering of required key information from persons participating. Additionally, sport-specific entry data, biographies and arrival/departure information can be added to the database of each person. Following the validation of the data by authorized staff, the assignment of access permissions is handled based on individually defined categories. Finally, all information needed for credential checking and identification purposes are provided for the production of the accreditation badges.

Central games result sub system

Competition management

A central results database stores all competition-related information including reports sent by on-venue timing and scoring systems. In addition, the database allows managing further data such as schedules, cumulated medal standings, competition background, news, venues and weather. If required, defined result information can be provided to customers such as International Federations using XML export.

Result information sub system

World Games 2009

Schedules, participants, start and results lists or medalists - any information has to be transferred to the central games results system from all competition venues as fast as possible in order to make it accessible to all clients - regardless where they are. Press or VIPs at the venue can access the information system using intranet terminals or a personal notebook with Internet. In addition, sports enthusiasts can easily follow the competition from the home PC connected to the Internet making it possible to see how the favorite athlete finished the competition.