Swiss Timing ::: Accreditation

Secure and time-saving event preparation

Flexibility, security and an easy handling are just some of the main advantages of SWISS TIMING´s accreditation solution. It offers two main modules that can be adapted to single events, series and major sport events.

Internet registration

Administration of personal data

An individually designed, password-protected internet application module supports the Organizing Committee with a smooth accreditation procedure avoiding unnecessary delays during rush hours at the accreditation office. It provides all necessary features to define data to be entered, access areas, categories and badge layout. An online registration form accessible to anybody applying for an accreditation directly transmits personal data and digital photos to the application module.

On-site accreditation

Accreditation station

No matter how many accreditation offices are in operation, all terminals are connected either online or offline to the accreditation database ensuring that personal data can be entered or edited at any time. Digital pictures of the applicant are stored in the database and printed out on the accreditation badge. Depending on the badge material, the card can be laminated for protection and security purposes.

Key features

  • Web-based registration
  • Multi-level security rules
  • Multi-venue support
  • Administration of access areas, venues and access groups
  • Accreditation matrix
  • Day passes and upgrades
  • Time-limited accreditation
  • Print of identification cards
  • Statistics per access groups